“Together we can Remake Lives through creativity, nature and resourceful living”

This energetic artisan knows the power of creativity and the rewarding self-fulfillment that comes from doing things with our own two hands. Combine that with an enthusiastic passion for nature, authenticity, and vibrant healthy living, and you have an artisan/entrepreneur dedicated to building a business that reconnects people with the innate desire to live a naturally creative lifestyle.

Creating goes hand in hand with natural living because it empowers us to do for ourselves resourcefully and thoughtfully, while also keeping us in good health both physically and mentally. It reinvigorates the conscientious, can-do spirit in us all and she has made it her life’s work to share the simple ways to get there with refreshing ideas, stories, and approachable DIY projects.

She has created and hosted several national how-to lifestyle programs from her Iowa based studios (B. Organic/PBS, B. Original/DIY Network/HGTV, and Courage to Create/FOX). Her new brand Remake.Life is a natural evolution of all those concepts designed to better encompass her unique creative style, message, and products. She is committed to designing transformational projects and programs that can Remake Lives in creative, meaningful ways.

Let’s make something together, shall we?



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