continue to draw, friends

i get to watch creativity come alive in this studio regularly in a multitude of ways, and it’s exciting to see.

IVY Drawing

this lovely soul was here working on a video shoot and during some downtime, she asked for paper.

as she waited for us to finish shooting, she reconnected with some charcoal pencils and a love for drawing and was going to make it more a part of her life again. ahhh… 🙂

when is the last time you drew, sketched, doodled?

it is so important to note that it’s not about whether or not you’re good at drawing (which is very subjective, btw), or what your drawing, or how you’re drawing, or what the end result is, if there even is one.  it’s about expressing yourself in a way that only you can. your writing, your drawing, your marks…they matter. they are unique to you.

appreciate the gift of drawing… honor it, enjoy it.

it’s good for you.

(now go grab a sketchbook and your favorite drawing tools and have at it, friends)

love and hugs,




pumpkins that last

remake wood scraps into pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and styles. work with what you have and keep it fun. they can be used for halloween or your thanksgiving tablescape. add to your collection each year and be sure to share with your friends…it’s a great gift idea.

2015-10-27 02.40.44 copy

2015-10-27 02.53.39 copy

2015-10-27 02.46.34 copy

2015-10-27 02.48.25 copy

2015-10-27 02.46.56 copy

2015-10-27 02.45.50 copy

2015-10-27 02.58.44 copy

give yourself the gift of time to create some of these. they’re great fun.

love and hugs!


what’s up with wheatgrass

Throwback video: In this b. organic episode 207, Michele gets schooled on how to go about drinking her ‘greens’. Her friend Kerri Rush, ‘the wheatgrass girl’, shares the wonderful benefits of wheatgrass. She shows us how to grow it, how to juice it and some tasty recipes that even kids enjoy.

wire stars

diy wire stars! 16 gauge baling/rebar wire for the star, 20 gauge to secure intersections…make them as you would draw them…simple and inexpensive…stunning ornaments or gift toppers…get on it, friends!